Our security officer training is among the most comprehensive in the industry. In New Jersey, we championed the New Jersey Security Officer Registration Act (SORA), making certification for security officers among the most rigorous in the country. Today, we hold license number 1001 � the first issued in the Garden State. In every market we serve, we strive to offer the best-trained personnel available.(See how SORA will effect your business).

SORA accomplishes several very important things and will have a direct impact on your business:

  • Private Security Officers will be trained more comprehensively to identify, understand and handle a wide variety of threats including terrorist threats.
  • All SORA-registered officers will be tracked in a statewide database, making knowing who can and cannot serve as a private security officer readily available.
  • The value of private security to private enterprise will increase, as will training and re-certification costs.

Traditionally the security guard industry has been forced into fierce bidding wars for clients; lowering security guard wages and forcing security guard companies to keep training to a minimum. The industry also suffers from high turnover rates as a direct result of low wages and lack of career paths.

Gateway security is a leader in quality training and low turnover:
Gateway Security Inc. differentiates itself by excelling in training. Frontline Academy, a Gateway Group One company, is specifically designed to provide comprehensive, ongoing training. Gateway views SORA regulations as a mandatory minimum, going well beyond its requirements. By providing training, career paths, job flexibility and benefits to workers, Gateway Security minimizes turnover and maintains strong client relationships.

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