Trusted by the largest corporate headquarters in some of the busiest cities in the US, Gateway has provided comprehensive security services since 1979. Our original clients are still with us, and often cite our strong focus on their local needs as a major benefit of working with us.

Founded, tested and proven in greater New York City area, our reputation was forged in satisfying the demands of large transportation hubs, leading corporations and sprawling urban campuses. We understand the need for strong management, comprehensive training and planning ahead.

Managing for excellence.
Gateway Security is an expert in employee recruitment and training. We execute comprehensive screening procedures that involve extensive background checks. At Frontline Academy, we train to state certification standards, and we go well beyond state requirements training in interpersonal skills and professionalism. We understand that most security officer positions are truly customer-service positions and we train our employees extensively in customer relationship management as well as security.

Empowering leadership.
Gateway Security employs the �discretionary effort principle� bringing maximum discretionary effort to every security post. Frontline Academy trains our security officers to be individual service providers who assume the mantle of leadership for every minute, on every post, every day in solving the clients� problems expediently by providing outstanding service.

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