Today, basic-wage workers are often viewed as expendable commodities and most service companies as large, impersonal global conglomerates.

Gateway Group One companies take a different approach � and our clients benefit:

Superior service through superior training: After rigorous screening, our employees receive comprehensive training through our Frontline Academy. In fact, Gateway Group One companies train employees longer and more often then other firms in the industry. We then provide opportunities for advancement, superior benefits and a corporate culture of respect.

A dedication to pre-emptive response: Gateway Group One companies have extensive experience in major metropolitan areas. We understand the domino effect that major events � be they weather, regional security incidents or accidents � can have on a region, its businesses and their employees. Most importantly, we have experience delivering a comprehensive, highly coordinated response that results in minimal disruption to our client businesses.

Flexibility delivered through our size and stability: Combining our experience, our well-trained staff and our significant size means that our clients can work with a partner large enough to scale to any need�and local enough to deliver exceptional quality.