We believe so strongly in quality and training of security officers across the state that we championed the New Jersey Security Officer Registration Act (SORA) making certification for security officers among the most stringent and comprehensive in the country.

As of July 1, 2007 all security officers in the state of New Jersey must have successfully completed training and hold a SORA certificate of registration with the State of New Jersey. We are proud to be the first security company certified in New Jersey holding license number 1001.

The Frontline Academy 24-Hour SORA program includes:

  • Homeland security (Terrorism Awareness & Prevention for Security Guards)
  • Communications and emergency response
  • Theft prevention
  • Use of force (Legal Aspects)
  • Ethics
  • Report writing
  • Emergency response (Incident Command System)
  • Public relations
  • Street gangs (Gang Awareness and Recognition)
  • First Aid awareness
  • Information technology familiarization