Leader in customer-facing personnel shows customer-friendly side with reception at The Regency Club in Los Angeles

(October 2008 � Los Angeles, CA): Over 40 security and customer service professionals from the Los Angeles area joined Gateway Group One at The Regency Club to celebrate the launch of the security and front-line customer service company�s West Coast service. The event commemorated the start of Gateway Group One operations at Los Angeles International Airport, which joins a client list that includes the three NY/NJ Port Authority airports, as well as numerous healthcare facilities, public entertainment venues and corporate campus environments.

The West Coast regional headquarters will serve cities west of the Mississippi River, under the direction of newly appointed Vice President Sunia (Sunny) Williams. Mr. Williams has 30 years of industry experience specific to the West Coast in service design, delivery, evaluation and total customer value management.

Founded in 1979 as Gateway Security, Gateway Group One is the marketing umbrella company made up of three companies: Gateway Frontline Academy, Gateway Security Services and Gateway Frontline Services. Together, the companies provide training, physical security and frontline customer service personnel to some of the largest corporations, healthcare facilities, entertainment venues and transportation hubs in the United States.